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Fun, engaging & exciting new beginner group piano program

“The best part? Your child will learn a song during this complimentary lesson…

A Free Piano Lesson Lets Your Child Learn a Song and Discover the Joys of Playing the Piano.”

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Fun and Interesting

The piano should be fun, so that’s why I show my students how to play a song during their very first lesson (and yes, they can learn to play a song during their first lesson even if they’ve never seen a piano!)

Engaging Lessons from the Beginning

No boring scales, chords, modes, or theory to memorize before they can begin having fun.  Plus…this free lesson gives you a chance to see if your child is interested in the piano. There are no risks or commitments on your end.

Join the “Play Music Now” Program for Just $98

The “Play Music Now” program is a 6-week course for children age 8 and up. Your child will join a small group (4 students total) once a week for one hour.

“To book your free lesson right now, call 303-306-1342 or contact me via the contact form. But don’t wait…spots are limited, so to get the date of your choice, call right now.”

Dorane,  The Piano Teacher

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This Isn’t Your Parent’s Piano Lessons

Let me ask you a simple question…?

When you think of piano lessons, what kind of images come to mind?

Do you have visions of your child endlessly practicing scales?

Or maybe you have the all-too-common idea that students have to learn a lot of theory before they can start tapping into their creativity and having fun.
In short, do you imagine piano lessons to be more work than fun?

Some teachers may do it that way, but not me!
Inside all of us (but ESPECIALLY children) is a creative genius, and I can help your child tap into that genius right now.
(Don’t worry…I’ll still teach them the fundamentals like scales, chords, and theory…but I want to make sure they have fun right from the beginning.)

All you have to do is call 303-306-1342 to reserve your spot.

If you find that the piano is not right for your child right now, you’ve risked nothing.

But, if she or he loves it…

About Dorane

With a Bachelor of Music and over 20 years of teaching experience. I LOVE watching a child’s eyes light up with joy while learning the piano.

Hi, I’m Dorane, and I’m thrilled that you’re still reading 🙂

In addition to my 20+ years of teaching piano in SE Denver, I am certified to teach K – 12, and my students are often finalists in local piano competitions and win awards from the National Guild.

And while piano is very important to me, it’s not my life. As a matter of fact, here’s a hobby of mine that students find fascinating:

My German Shepherd rescue dog and I compete in Canine Freestyle. I adopted her from a high-kill shelter in New Mexico, and, as you can see, we have so much fun together!

I know how to make learning fun, so get in touch today.

Get in Touch – I’d Love to Hear From You!

Join the “Play Music Now” 6-Week Program for Just $98

The “Play Music Now” program is a 6-week course for children age 8 and up.
Your child will join a small group (4 students total) once a week for one hour.

Your child will:

  • Focus on performing popular songs (this makes learning the underlying theory much easier)
  • Understand the basics of keyboard geography, theory, and rhythm
  • Learn the musical alphabet
  • Discover how to use music to convey emotion

The Best Time to Start Learning is NOW

The piano can open up a new world to your child…but only if you take action.  Remember…the first lesson is free.
There are no risks and no obligations on your end.
All you have to do is take the first step, so just call right now at 303-306-1342 or contact me via the contact form.

I look forward to meeting you!
Our next class will begin in November.
But don’t want until then…call right now to set up your free lesson. 303-306-1342

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